What is a 12-Word Seed Phrase?

The 12-word seed phrase, often referred to as a “recovery phrase” or “mnemonic seed,” is a crucial security feature in many cryptocurrency wallets, including Jaxx. This seed phrase is a cornerstone of wallet security and recovery. Here’s how it works and why it’s important:

What is a 12-Word Seed Phrase?

A 12-word seed phrase is a list of words generated by your cryptocurrency wallet when you first set it up. These words are usually derived from a standardized list known as the BIP39 word list. The arrangement of these words is generated randomly and acts as a human-readable form of your wallet’s master private key.

Purpose of the 12-Word Seed Phrase in Jaxx

The primary purpose of the 12-word seed phrase in Jaxx, as in other wallets, is to provide a secure method of recovery. Should you lose access to your device or if your wallet is otherwise compromised, this seed phrase allows you to restore your entire wallet, including all the cryptocurrencies and tokens associated with it, on any other device.

How Jaxx Uses the Seed Phrase

Wallet Recovery:

If you need to recover your Jaxx wallet on a new device due to loss or damage to your original device, the 12-word seed phrase is essential. By entering this phrase into the Jaxx app on a new device, you can fully restore your wallet’s balances and transaction histories.

Security Precautions:

  • Privacy: Jaxx ensures that your seed phrase is never transmitted or stored online. It remains securely on your local device.
  • Control: Having the seed phrase means you have full control over your funds. It’s a critical part of maintaining non-custodial wallet practices, where only the user, and not the service provider, controls the assets.

Best Practices for Managing Your Seed Phrase

  1. Secure Storage: Never store your seed phrase on a computer or online storage system where it could be accessed by hackers. Instead, write it down on paper or use a metal backup tool, and store it in a secure location.
  2. Avoid Sharing: Never share your seed phrase with anyone. Anyone who knows your seed phrase can access your wallet and your funds.
  3. Backup Copies: It’s advisable to keep multiple copies of your seed phrase in different secure locations. This helps ensure you can access your funds even if one copy is lost or destroyed.
  4. Verify Regularly: Regularly verify that your backup seed phrase is accessible and readable. This is important in case the original gets damaged or fades over time if written on paper.


The 12-word seed phrase is a fundamental security feature that empowers users to retain control over their funds while providing a reliable method for recovery in case of device failure or loss. Jaxx users should treat their seed phrase with the highest level of security, as losing it can mean losing access to their crypto assets permanently, while unauthorized access could lead to theft.

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