Advanced Features of Jaxx Wallet: What Power Users Need to Know

Jaxx Wallet, developed by Decentral Inc., is renowned not only for its ease of use and robust security features but also for the advanced functionalities it offers to more experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This article explores the sophisticated features of Jaxx that cater to power users who seek deeper control over their digital assets and transactions. These features include setting custom transaction fees, linking multiple devices, and utilizing the ShapeShift integration.

Custom Transaction Fees

What It Is: In the cryptocurrency world, transaction fees can vary widely depending on network congestion and the priority of the transaction. Jaxx provides the option to customize transaction fees, which is particularly valuable during periods of high network activity.

How It Works: Users can manually adjust the fee they are willing to pay for each transaction. Higher fees can encourage faster confirmation on the blockchain, especially useful for urgent transactions. Conversely, if a user is not in a hurry, they can choose to lower the fee, which might result in a slower confirmation time but will save money.

Benefit for Power Users: This feature is especially beneficial for traders and active users who perform frequent transactions and need to strategically manage transaction times and costs.

Linking Multiple Devices

What It Is: Jaxx allows users to link multiple devices to a single wallet, synchronizing wallet data across smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

How It Works: By using the same 12-word backup seed phrase, users can access their wallet from any device. This is done by restoring the wallet on new devices using the seed phrase. All linked devices will then display the same wallet balances and transaction history.

Benefit for Power Users: This feature supports users who manage their cryptocurrencies on the go but also need the comprehensive tools available on a desktop interface. It ensures seamless management of digital assets across different platforms without sacrificing convenience or security.

ShapeShift Integration

What It Is: ShapeShift is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that has been integrated directly into Jaxx, allowing users to convert between different cryptocurrencies within the wallet interface without needing to use an external exchange.

How It Works: Within the Jaxx wallet, users can select the “Exchange” tab to start a transaction with ShapeShift. From there, they can choose which currencies they want to exchange, specify the amounts, and initiate the trade. The exchange occurs almost instantaneously, and the new currency balance is updated directly in the user’s wallet.

Benefit for Power Users: The integration of ShapeShift within Jaxx eliminates the need to transfer funds to an external exchange, which not only saves on fees but also reduces exposure to potential security risks associated with exchange platforms. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to quickly adjust their portfolio in response to fast-changing market conditions.


For power users in the cryptocurrency space, Jaxx Wallet offers a compelling array of advanced features that enhance both functionality and user experience. By allowing the customization of transaction fees, enabling the synchronization of wallet data across multiple devices, and integrating direct exchanges via ShapeShift, Jaxx caters to the needs of serious cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. These features ensure that Jaxx users can maintain optimal control over their digital assets, manage them efficiently across different environments, and adapt quickly to new opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

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