Integrating Jaxx Wallet with Other Cryptocurrency Tools and Platforms

Jaxx Wallet, renowned for its versatility and user-friendliness, is a powerful tool for cryptocurrency users. Its capabilities can be further enhanced by integrating it with other cryptocurrency tools and platforms. This article provides guidance on how to seamlessly integrate Jaxx with various tools and platforms to streamline your cryptocurrency management and trading experiences.

Integration with Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Direct Exchange Integration:

  • ShapeShift: Jaxx includes built-in integration with ShapeShift, which allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies directly within the wallet. This integration simplifies the process of converting one cryptocurrency to another without the need to transfer assets to an external exchange.
  • Changelly: Similar to ShapeShift, integrating Changelly can offer Jaxx users another option for in-wallet exchanges, providing more flexibility and potentially better exchange rates or different available currencies.


  1. Access the exchange feature directly in the Jaxx wallet.
  2. Choose the amount and the cryptocurrencies you want to exchange.
  3. Confirm the transaction, which is processed within the wallet interface, leveraging the integrated exchange’s API.

Integration with Cryptocurrency Tracking and Portfolio Management Tools

Tools like CoinTracking and Blockfolio:

  • By integrating with portfolio management tools, Jaxx users can track the performance of their investments in real-time. These tools provide detailed analytics, such as gains, losses, and tax obligations.


  1. Export your transaction data from Jaxx.
  2. Import the data into your portfolio management tool.
  3. Set up the tool to fetch live data from the exchanges and wallets you use, including Jaxx, to keep your portfolio updated automatically.

Integration with Hardware Wallets

Enhancing Security with Devices Like Trezor and Ledger:

  • Although Jaxx provides robust security, integrating it with hardware wallets can enhance security for those holding significant cryptocurrency amounts. Jaxx can manage day-to-day transactions, while large balances can be kept in cold storage.


  1. Set up your hardware wallet following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Use Jaxx for transactions and viewing balances, while transferring large sums to the hardware wallet.
  3. Regularly back up both the Jaxx and hardware wallets using their respective seed phrases.

Integration with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Platforms

Accessing DeFi Services:

  • Integrating Jaxx with DeFi platforms like Uniswap or Compound can allow users to engage in activities like lending, borrowing, or liquidity provision directly through their wallets.


  1. Connect Jaxx to a Web3 browser extension like MetaMask, if Jaxx supports such integrations.
  2. Use the extension to interact with DeFi platforms, leveraging the funds from your Jaxx wallet.
  3. Monitor your DeFi positions and transactions directly from Jaxx if possible, or use a dedicated DeFi dashboard.

Integration with Tax Reporting Software

Cryptocurrency Tax Compliance:

  • Integrating Jaxx with tax reporting tools like CryptoTrader.Tax or CoinTracker can simplify the process of reporting your crypto transactions for tax purposes.


  1. Sync your Jaxx wallet with the tax reporting tool.
  2. Automatically import your transactions into the tool.
  3. Utilize the tool’s features to calculate your tax liability based on your transaction history.


Integrating Jaxx Wallet with other cryptocurrency tools and platforms can significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your crypto management. Whether it’s through direct exchanges within the wallet, tracking investments, securing assets, engaging with DeFi platforms, or managing taxes, these integrations streamline and secure the cryptocurrency user experience. As the crypto landscape evolves, so too does the potential for deeper and more beneficial integrations that can expand the capabilities of wallets like Jaxx.

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